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PowerWeb is an add-on library for web application development in Xbase++.

PowerWeb functions represent object abstractions of HTML elements. The functions are HTML helpers which generate the HTML code for HTML elements. They encapsulate most of the properties and events of the HTML elements, which are defined as function parameters. The functions are generalized and automated and create the complete logic of HTML elements. You don't need to know HTML/CSS programming, elements, methods, properties and events. Instead, use PowerWeb functions as building blocks to create short, fast and efficient programs.

All HTML elements created by PowerWeb functions are fully configurable in Xbase++ language and style, without HTML/CSS. Their positions, sizes, fonts, colors, borders, types, aligns and other attributes can be defined by the function parameters.

PowerWeb functions implement AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology which allows clients to asynchronously send requests and receive server responses. In that way, clients can retrieve data and dynamically update parts of a web page without reloading the whole page. PowerWeb uses JSON and HTML formats for data transfer.

PowerWeb library is a powerful web UI framework which allows to create full-fledged web applications in Xbase++ language and style, that will have a modern GUI design and look. PowerWeb functions are HTML helpers that generate the HTML code for web UI components.

PowerWeb library can work on mobile devices and mobile operating systems with responsive design.

PowerWeb library supports Alaska Xbase++ V.2.0 to V.1.8. It can be used with Alaska CXP and WAA technologies.

PowerWeb features


Get elements can edit or select data for all input types: single-line, password, date, time, multi-line, list box, combo box, radio box, check box, spin button, file upload. They have the EVENT, WHEN, VALID and RANGE controls.

Button and link elements can have caption and icon or image. Icons and images can be loaded from resources.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Elem1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Elem2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Elem3

Control - Create controls that perform output tasks.

Menu items, tool bar items and tab items can have caption and icon or image. Icons and images can be loaded from resources.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr3 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr4 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr5 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr6 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr7 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr8 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Ctr9

Browse - Display data from database files, SQL tables or arrays in a browser. Data records can be displayed by pages using JSON format. Can display multi-line text, image, caption with image, and get elements. Have option to edit data. Have event controls.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Brw1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Brw2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Brw3 Xbase++ - PowerWeb l- Brw4 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Brw5

Script - Display popup messages and dialog windows. Create XML request via HTTP and send and get data using AJAX method.

Set attributes of get and button elements. Enable and disable get and button elements.

Set and get values of get elements. Post and get form data.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb l- Scrp1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Scrp2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Scrp3 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Scrp4 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Scrp5

RM charts - Create graphs and shapes using RMChart ActiveX control. Can create line, scatter, area, column, bar, pie, donut, pyramid and stock graph types. Some graph types can be 2-D and 3-D. Can create combination (multi-type) graphs on one or two Y axes.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb l- Grm2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm3 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm4 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm5 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm6 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm7 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm8 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Grm9

Print - Print system can create print reports of any form in a Clipper or GUI style. Can print values of any data type, angled text, text box, formatted text, caption with image, line, box, shape, arc, browse table and graph. Support color printing anywhere in the report.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Prn1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb l- Prn2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Prn3 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Prn4 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Prn5 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Prn6

Mail - Create SMTP client and send mail to the server. Support TLS security and SASL authentication.

Xbase++ programming tools - PowerWeb library - Mail

PowerWeb applications

The following web application examples are included in the PowerWeb demo program.

Car ads - Application for browsing and editing car ads. It can be translated to Serbian, English and German language.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Car1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Car2

Computer shop - Application for purchasing computers.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Comp1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Comp2

Event management - Application for browsing and editing events.

Xbase++  PowerWeb - Evt1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Evt2

Order reservation - Application for browsing and editing customer reservations.

Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Res1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Res2 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Res3

Codebook - Application for creating, browsing, searching, editing and printing article codebook with 1.000.000 records. The codebook uses Serbian Latin language.

Xbase++  PowerWeb - Cbook1 Xbase++ - PowerWeb - Cbook2