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PowerUtl library

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PowerUtl is an add-on library for application development in Xbase++. PowerUtl library is function-oriented and implements top-down modular style of programming. Functions and their parameters are very flexible, user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use.

PowerUtl library contains a wide range of utility functions which implement various common functionalities, such as binary operations, data format converting, data encoding, Unicode encoding, JSON formatting, executing PHP code, etc. PowerUtl library can be used both in desktop and web application development.

PowerUtl library requires Alaska Xbase++ version 1.9 or higher.

Complete documentation of PowerUtl library can be downloaded on the Download page.

You can order PoweUtl library on the Order page.

PowerUtl Library Features
Binary Binary operations: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, shift, rotate, sum, subtract.
Convert Data format convert: binary, decimal, hexadecimal, string, byte string.
Encode Encode/decode: base64, quoted-printable, percent-encoding (URL).
Unicode Encode/decode UTF8, UTF16.
JSON JSON serialize/deserialize arbitrary value, records/page of database file or SQL table, array.
PHP Execute PHP code directly in Windows, out of Internet browser.