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PowerUtl is an add-on library for application development in Xbase++.

PowerUtl library contains a wide range of utility functions which implement various common functionalities, such as data encoding, Unicode encoding, JSON formatting, binary operations, data format converting, file and path management, data compressing, etc. PowerUtl library can be used both in desktop and web application development.

PowerUtl library supports Alaska Xbase++ V.2.0 to V.1.8.

PowerUtl features

Encode - Encode/decode data using various fromats: base64, quoted-printable, MIME, URL (percent) and chunk.

Unicode - Encode/decode data using UTF8 and UTF16 formats.

JSON - JSON serialize/deserialize values of any data type, arrays and database records. Can convert pages of data from database files, SQL tables or arrays. Support JSON object and array formats.

Binary - Binary operations on numeric and string data: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, shift, rotate, sum and subtract.

Convert - Convert data between various formats: binary, decimal, hexadecimal, string, and byte string.

Random - Create random key, random integer and UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) string.

File and path - Set and get date, time and attributes of a file. Create temporary and unique file name.

Create directory and its path. Retrieve and remove file name and root from a path. Validate file path, root path, system path and UNC path. Wild search path for a file specification.

Registry - Create, set, list and delete Windows registry keys and values.

System - Perform various tasks in the Windows operating system.

Compress - Deflate/inflate string and file.

Zip - Create zip archive and add, extract, delete, list and test files in a zip archive.