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PowerCom is an add-on library for client/server application development in Xbase++. PowerCom library implements top-down modular style of programming. It is function-oriented because functions are more comfortable for writing programs than commands, and programs are shorter and faster. The functions and theirs arguments are very flexible, user-friendly, intuitive, simple and easy to use.

With PowerCom library Xbase++ programmers can create client/server applications using Internet technologies. Applications can create servers and clients and perform communication between them using message passing with TCP/IP protocol. PowerCom functions allow creating various types of servers and clients, such as socket, web, web socket and service. On the request of the client, the server can execute the assigned function with passed parameters, and return the result of the execution to the client. This makes it possible to create truly distributed applications with remote procedure calls (RPC).

PowerCom functions represent the object abstractions of Xbase++ server/client classes. The functions encapsulate all the properties and events of the Xbase++ server/client classes, that are defined as function arguments. The functions are generalized and automated and perform internally the Xbase++ server/client classes logic. You don't need to know object-oriented programming, classes, methods, properties, events, etc. Just use PowerCom functions as building blocks to create fast and efficient programs with a minimum number of code lines and that use the minimum amount of memory resources.

PowerCom library can be used both in desktop and web applications. It can be used standalone and independently of the other members of Power family libraries or together with them.

PowerCom library requires Alaska Xbase++ version 1.9 or higher. It is available in Serbian and English language, but can be easy modified by the user in any language.

Demo program of PowerCom librray with complete documentation and examples can be downloaded on the Download page.

You can order PowerCom library on the Order page.

PowerCom Library Features
E-mail Send and receive e-mail.

Xbase++ programming tools - PowerCom library - EMail1 Xbase++ programming tools - PowerCom library - EMail2

FTP Upload and download files. List, create and delete directories. Delete files.

Xbase++ programming tools - PowerCom library - Ftp1 Xbase++ programming tools - PowerCom library - Ftp2

HTTP Send HTTP client request.
TCP/IP socket Create TCP/IP socket server and client, and send client request.
Web Create web server and send client request.
Web socket Create web socket server and client, and send client request.
Service Create service application and controller, and execute client request.