About SD-SoftDesign

PowerXpp, PowerSql, PowerCom, PowerWeb, PowerCrp, PowerUtl, DBM, DBA Windows

SD-SoftDesign is a software development company located in Negotin, Serbia. The company exists under different names since the beginning of 1992. We develop complete program solutions for enterprise database systems. Since 1992 we used Clipper as our development language, but in 2003 we migrated to Alaska Xbase++. We also converted all our Clipper application to Xbase++. Now we work only in Xbase++.

During the passed years SD-SoftDesign has developed many large, complex and powerful database applications from different fields such as business, registry, safety and health at work, hydropower, technical auscultations, etc.

In addition to the custom IT enterprise solutions, SD-SoftDesign has developed add-on Power family libraries and tools for Xbase++ programming. These products allow to create advanced and dynamic desktop and web applications in Xbase++ for Windows operating system. Using Power libraries, programmers can fast and easy convert Clipper/FoxPro applications to Windows and develop new Windows applications in Xbase++. Power libraries have been used and proven in all our custom software projects.

You can read more about our Xbase++ applications on our Serbian website https://www.sd-softdesign.rs.