Xbase++ library and tools

Power library, DBM app, DBA app Windows

SD-SoftDesign has developed add-on library and tools for the Xbase++ programmers. Power library provides all-in-one development tools for creating short, fast and user-friendly true GUI applications in a simple and comfortable way. Power functions are generalized, automated, and implement advanced owner-drawing solutions. The best and most comprehensive Xbase++ library.

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Product Decription
Power library Add-on library for Xbase++
DBM application Database management
DBA application Database administration

Power library top features are summarized in the following table. More details can be found on the Products page.

Universal @...GET Implements all Xbase Parts for editing and selecting data in one command.
Static Static elements: text, image, box, line, rectangle, etc.
Control Control elements: push button, tool bar, status bar, tab frame, data view, etc.
Interface Pre-defined dialog windows for displaying and selecting data.
Menu Various menus.
Edit Standardized dialog windows for editing database files, arrays and text in a custom form.
Browse Browse data from a database files or arrays. Support ADS files and ODBC tables.
Report Report dialog windows.
Export Data and reports export to various formats.
Graph Graphs and shapes using Microsoft Excel program.
Print Print reports of any form.
Session DAC sessions to open ADS files and ODBC tables.