Xbase++ applications

Power library, DBM app, DBA app Windows

SD-SoftDesign has developed several large and powerful Xbase++ software projects, each containing multiple applications. They are all developed using Xbase++ programming tools. We used Power library for creating programs, DBM application for creating and manipulation of databases, DBA application for administration of databases on the users side.

The following are brief descriptions of our Xbase++ software projects. They show what can be achieved by using Xbase++ Business language and Xbase++ Power library.

You can find more details about our Xbase++ applications on our Serbian website http://www.sd-softdesign.rs.

Business information system

Business information system is a standard project for recording and processing business information data and for accounting for any kind and size of companies. This project contains about 20 applications for different elements of the field: financial, material and commodity accounting, fixed assets, invoices, personnel records, payroll, interest, production of goods, cashier, cash register, communal services, etc. All applications are mutually connected and exchange data. Processed data from one application are automatically posted to all other related applications and are immediately available in there.

Safety and health at work

This information system records and processes data for safety and health at work. In all countries exists the Law of Safety and Health at Work which prescribes rules for protection of employees at work and device for work in production companies. The companies have to keep records of a lot of documents with a large amount of data from that field, and to show or send them to the Inspection of Safety and Health at Work on demand. It is very strict, otherwise the fines are very high. This project contains 11 applications for different elements of the field: ability to work, medical examinations, injuries on work, working environment, devices and tools for work, protection means, book records, etc.

Exploitation of hydro power plant

This information system records and processes data for hydro power plant. Hydro power plants are built on the rivers for producing electrical current. If the river is navigable, the plant must have a water lock to enable ships to pass through the plant and to overcome the water difference on the plant. There are "upper water" above the plant and "lower water" below the plant. Both the hydro power plant and water lock keep records of a lot of documents with a large amount of data from that field. This project contains 4 applications for different elements of the field.

Hydro and exploitation data processing cover huge amount of data on the hourly basis, for multiple days, months or years. They are very extensively and mathematically required. In several programs we implemented Xbase++ multi-threading programming technique combined with dataflow programming model. We created multiple parallel threads and multiple signals for controlling program flow in threads. With this programming concept, we achieved 3 times speedup in massive data processing. Xbase++ multi-threading is an excellent and efficient technique to leverage the execution time of programs dealing with extensive data.

Pre-measure and pre-calculation of works

This is an application which allows to record standards of construction works and to calculate the pre-measure and pre-calculation of construction works.