Xbase++ programming tools

Power library, PowerSql library, DBM app, DBA app Windows

SD-SoftDesign has developed add-on libraries and tools for Xbase++ programming. Our top product is Power library, which provides all-in-one Xbase++ programming tools for creating short, fast and user-friendly true GUI applications in a simple and comfortable way. It is much easier to program Xbase++ applications with Power library than with native Alaska Xbase++ software.

Power library is function-oriented and implements top-down modular style of programming. Power functions are generalized, automated, and implement advanced and flexible owner-drawing solutions. They display entirely owner-drawn all items of Xbase++ Parts. Power functions also support dynamic HTML/CSS style of displaying Xbase++ Parts. Graphis features of Power library allows Xbase++ programmers to give their applications a modern and attractive design and look in an efficient way.

Power library offers Xbase++ programmers ready-made solutions for standard programming tasks, such as universal data referencing, editing a single or a couple (master-detail) of database files or SQL tables, browsing database files, SQL tables or arrays, creating and printing reports, graphs and shapes, exporting data and reports, etc. These powerful functions simplify every aspect of Xbase++ programming and allow Xbase++ programmers to achieve the important goal: write less, do more. All Power functions automatically control multi-user access in a network environment.

Our SQL product is PowerSql library, which allows Xbase++ applications to access and manipulate data from a variety of database management systems (DBMSs) using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface or ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) interface through an OLE DB provider. Both interfaces permit maximum interoperability - an application can access data from a variety of data sources, both relational (SQL) and non-relational (ISAM), using SQL as a standard language for accessing data. With PowerSql library Xbase++ programmers can create client/server applications using non-file based DBMSs, such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Anywhere, Interbase etc. PowerSql library can be also used with file based databases, such as SQLite, Access, Paradox, dBase, Visual FoxPro etc.

Power family libraries are the best and most comprehensive Xbase++ libraries. They are written entirely in Xbase++ code and no third-party is required. They are constantly developing and updating with new features. Detailed documentation is provided. All the time support is insured. Power family libraries are available in Serbian and English language, but can be easy modified by the user in any language.

Xbase++ programming tools support Alaska Xbase++ versions 2.0 and 1.9. The versions of Xbase++ programming tools correspond to the Alaska Xbase++ versions.

The table below lists Xbase++ programming tools. They have the best cost/performance ratio in the field. You can order Xbase++ programming tools on the Order page.

Product Description Price EUR
Power library Add-on library for Xbase++ programming 260.00
PowerSql library Add-on library for SQL data access in Xbase++ 240.00
DBM application Database management 180.00
DBA application Database administration 100.00

Try FREE DEMO PROGRAMS. Demo programs of Xbase++ programming tools with complete documentation and examples can be downloaded on the Download page.

You can read about Xbase++ applications developed with Xbase++ programming tools on the Applications page.

Power library top features are summarized in the following table. More details about Power library and screenshots can be found on the Power library page.

Universal @...GET Implements all Xbase++ Parts for editing and selecting data in one command/function.
Static Static elements: text, image, box, line, rectangle, etc.
Control Control elements: push button, tool bar, status bar, tab frame, data view, split bar, etc.
Interface Pre-defined dialog windows for displaying and selecting data.
Menu Various menus: pop-up, selection, application, project.
Edit Standardized dialog windows for editing database files, SQL tables, arrays and text.
Browse Browse data from a database files, SQL tables or arrays.
Report Report dialog windows.
Export Data and reports export to various formats: DOC, XLS, PDF, HTML, XML, SDF, CSV, DBF.
Graph Graphs and shapes using RMChart ActiveX control or Microsoft Excel program.
Print Print reports of any form.
Internet Send and receive e-mails, upload and download files.

PowerSql library top features are summarized in the following table. More details about PowerSql library and screenshots can be found on the PowerSql library page.   

Connection Create ODBC and ADO connection.
Execute Execute a single or multiple SQL commands or stored procedure.
Data set use Open a single or multiple tables, create data sets and set relations between them.
Data set move Move through a data set forward and backward.
Data set find Seek and locate a record in a data set.
Data set get Retrieve fields, records, columns or arbitrary data from a data set.
Data set update Insert, update and delete records in a data set and table.